martes, 22 de junio de 2010

El sindicalismo británico pide a las empresas flexibilidad horaria para que sus trabajadores puedan ver el mundial.

Reproduzco la nota de prensa del sindicalismo británico, Trade Unión Congress, en la que pide a las empresas que faciliten flexbilidad horaria a sus trabajadores para poder ver los partidos del Mundial, y hace un llamamiento en especial a que dicha flexibilidad sea lo más amplia posible mañana miércoles a las 15 horas, dado que Inglaterra se juega su futuro. Creo que es la primera vez que he visto en una nota sindical el calendario de un evento deportivo.

Definitivamente, el fútbol es algo más que un deporte.

"Let football-loving fans work flexibly and watch World Cup games

As the World Cup reaches the crucial round of final group matches, the TUC is today (Monday) urging bosses not to score an own goal and allow staff who wish to watch televised games to do so.

With England's last group game against Slovenia due to kick off at 3pm on Wednesday (23 June), the TUC believes employers could allow staff to work flexibly and watch the game either away from work or, if appropriate, somewhere on the company's premises.

Many workplaces already operate a system of flexitime which allows staff the freedom beyond their core hours to come in early and go home early, or get into work late and leave the office later.

The TUC believes that flexible working has real benefits for businesses and their workforces, and is calling on those employers yet to embrace greater flexibility to use the World Cup as an opportunity to try it out.

The World Cup, which started on Friday 11 June and runs until Sunday 11 July, has televised games kicking off at various times, with some matches starting at 12.30pm UK time. The TUC has issued advice for staff wanting to watch the tournament, which is available at

Employers should also bear in mind the one in five UK employees who work outside core hours, many of whom will also want to watch the World Cup, as well as UK based workers of different nationalities who want to watch their home teams.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: 'Not everyone has caught World Cup fever, but there are people all around the UK who would like to support their countries at home, in the pub, or on the radio or internet at work.

'To avoid any tensions bosses should discuss the issue with their staff. We would encourage them to let people watch the games if they like - and then claim back their time afterwards. That way, everyone wins.

'Whether it's about major events like the World Cup or picking up the kids from school, allowing people more flexibility in how and when they do their work makes them happier - cutting absenteeism and raising productivity for their employers.'


- TUC advice for staff wanting to watch the World Cup is available at

- World cup timetable

11June - 25 June group matches

26 June - 29 June round of 16

2 July - 5 July quarter finals

6 July - 7 July semi-finals

10 July third place match

11 July final

England's remaining group game will begin at 3pm on Wednesday 23 June. FIFA world cup match schedules are available at

- Employers should remember that for many workers their home team is not England".

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